Holiday Dinner

Our Holiday Dinner is designed to feed a minimum of 12 people. The cost per person is $16.95. The dinner includes your choice of:Christmas dinner

  • Choice of glazed Ham or Turkey
  • 3 delicious sides (choose 3 sides with $0 price),
  • either homemade yeast rolls or corn bread and,
  • 2 pies of your choice

Please start your order by choosing either a Turkey or Glazed Ham and then start adding 3 sides, 1 bread choice and 2 pies (click on the price to add to cart).

The shopping cart on the right will show everything that you order.

If you wish to add additional sides to your dinner, please select the Christmas Dinner Add-ons Tab

We thank you for visiting us and we wish you a very happy holiday season!

Note: photos are shown for a general visual representation and they don’t reflect the exact item

Holiday Dinner Feast - 12 people

    • $ 203.40
    • $ 203.40
      Glazed Ham

Select choice of Turkey or Glazed Ham AND, choose 3 sides below then add to cart AND, select choice of homemade yeast rolls or corn bread below then add to cart AND, select 2 pies of your choice below then add to cart

Holiday Dinner Additional Guests

    • $ 16.95

Have more than 12 people? Select this item for how many additional people you have. For example, if you have 17 total, add this item 5 times.

Sweet Potato Thang

bakery plano
    • $ 25.00

This is a special price for our customers who order a Thanksgiving or Christmas Feast.